Absurd CIA Analysis About Benghazi Attack

I just watched former CIA Director Michael Morell testify before the House Intelligence Committee. He claimed that CIA analyst deduced that at the time of the attack on the diplomatic command in Benghazi that it was not a terrorist attack but a protest.

Documents were cited by members of the committee that showed that the CIA station chief in Libya made it clear that it was NOT a protest. He sent an e-mail to Morell and other officials stating the attack was “not/not an escalation of protest.”   Yet Morell chose to ignore the man who was closes to the action. Instead, he decided to stay with the analysis by people who were 10,000 miles away from the attack. This was a willfully absurd decision.

Yesterday that CIA station chief and others in Libya at the time of the attack testified behind closed doors before the House Intelligence Committee. According to Representative Michelle Bachman, they reiterated consistently maintained it was an attack and not a protest. Their testimonies undermined and contradicted Morell’s statements.

Morell was an experience CIA officer. Either he was providing a smoke screen to hide the truth or he was grossly incompetent along with the CIA officials who analyzed the information. Since when do protestors carry mortars, RPG’s and AK-47 rifles? They don’t.

Reasoning alone would indicate this was a terrorist attack. The British even pulled out their ambassador weeks before the Benghazi attack because of the fear of a terrorist attack. They obviously got it right and we got it wrong.

The Obama Administration also blamed the deaths of four Americans on an obscure video. Yet they have not presented an evidence to support that narrative. Nor has our government caught or killed those responsible for the deaths despite knowing who carried out the attack. Yet months after the attack a TV crew interviewed one of the men responsible for the attack openly in a Benghazi cafe. If a TV crew can find one of the attackers why can’t the US Government with all of its assets do the same thing?

There has been gross incompetency in the CIA, NSA and the State Department that resulted in the death of four Americans. Obama’s statement that “The war on terrorism is over.” is proving to be another false pronouncement like you can “Keep your doctor.” and “You can keep your health insurance.” He has turned out to be the biggest false prophet in American history.



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