Spending More, Getting Less From Education

Many Americans and government officials seem to think that the solution to all problems is to throw money at it.  Let’s take education as an example.

Billions have been spent to improve education within the United States.  It is a popular cry of politicians and educators that more money will make Americans smarter.

The more money spent on education the dumber Americans have become.  The US has slipped down the world educational ratings from first place to between 28th to 34th place depending upon the survey.  This includes surveys testing adults who have graduated with a high school diploma.

If you look at statistics going back decades, you can see the decline in ratings as spend on education increased.  Education has become a business that milks taxpayers’ hard earned money.

As a former public school administrator and as a state administrator, I became aware that poor student performance was good financially.  Schools claimed they needed more money to educate their failing students through specialized programs.  The higher the student failure rate the greater amount of funds given to a school.

Did the funds achieve the purpose for which they were intended?  No!  The failure rate tended to remain static or move up insignificantly.  Success only meant a reduction in funding and that was not good in the eyes of school district administrators.

Here are some examples from my personal experience:

I overheard a high school senior proclaim to her girlfriend that during the summer she was going to Paris and then France.

I had a bill for $11.67.  I gave the clerk $15.75.  The clerk could not give me the correct change after three tries.  I had to tell him what the change was.

A teen was buying paint next to me and didn’t know which was larger – a pint, a quart or a gallon.

On numerous occasions I have heard people claim they changed their minds by making a 360 degree turn.  Really?

Here are examples from TV shows:

Jimmy Kimmel sent a person out on the street of Los Angeles and he asked people how they felt about FDR dying on Monday.  People made comments without realizing he died in 1945.  They faked their knowledge.

Another show had a reporter asked people if they believed in the 1st Amendment.  The follow up question was what were the five freedoms guaranteed in the Amendment.  Extremely few people could even name one freedom.

Leno asked people if they preferred the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.  People did not know they were the same law just different names.

This is why our nation is fast becoming a wasteland of dunces.  Politicians capitalize on the fact that many Americans don’t read newspapers, watch the hard news programs or just stay informed.  Instead, the American masses tend to get their news through the filter of comedy shows.  Fallon, Letterman, Colbert, Stewart, etc. have become the new reporters through their comedy routines.  Americans have become “useful idiots” that politicians can manipulate precisely because our education system has not made Americans into critical, informed thinkers.


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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