Tidbits From Liberal Newspaper

Today, February 7, Nelson D. Schwartz wrote a New York Times article that had these select tidbits about the state of the American economy.

–          “10 million workers out of work”

–          “only 113,000 jobs added in January”

–          “wages are stuck and barely rose in 2013”

–          “half the normal rate of wage gains”

–          “stagnation”

–          “no growth in spending power”

–          “overall weakness”

Admittedly there is a lot left out from the list like the positives such as “corporate profits rose” and “stock market boomed.”  My point is that there are still people who believe that the Obama Administration is doing a good job with the economy.  Even when a left wing paper prints the awful state of our economy, people deny there are problems.  You have to wonder if those believers are out of touch with reality or just plain stupid.

I encountered such a person yesterday who got mad at me when I started to cite facts about the economy.  My facts were from multiple source but primarily from the Associated Press which is not a bastion of conservatism.  The other person was supposed to be a New York Times reader but cited Jon Stewart from the Daily Show repeatedly.  The liberal seemed to think that a comedian from Comedy Central was a better source of information than the Associated Press.

Several months ago a report came out that 44% of liberals get their news from Jon Stewart.  This is a high percentage.  It is also indicative of why they know so little about the true nature of our economy or world affairs.

For instance, in my encounter yesterday, the liberal got mad at me as I presented facts.  So mad that the person walked away when they could not refute my facts!  What I found funny was in the past this same person would tell me how liberals look at two sides of an issue.  Yet when I presented the alternate side of the issue, the person did not want to hear it.  Typical of liberals!


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