Scott Walker Shows The Way

If proof is needed about how cutting taxes can raise more revenue just look at what Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin.  By cutting taxes the state has garnered a $977 million surplus.  But wait, Walker wants to cut taxes again for the benefit of his Wisconsin citizens.  His latest plan is to provide a $98.6 million income tax cut aimed at his state’s blue-collar workers.

He proposes to restructure the state’s tax system so that it is slightly more favorable to those with lower incomes and slightly less favorable to those at the very highest end.  Walker will do it by reducing both income and property taxes while structuring the income tax system.

Despite his success, his Democratic opponents continue to attack him through the now familiar mantra of favoring the rich while ignoring the poor.  Yet Wisconsin’s economy is growing.  Jobs are being created.  This is more than Obama or Democratic governors in other states can claim.  Democratic governors continue to spend, raise taxes and plunge their states in debt without any substantial revenue windfall or job creation.  Demographics show that this has resulted in people and businesses moving out of these high tax states to Republican run states.  The exodus will continue into the future.

Walker’s even has a higher job approval rating than Obama.  He has gone from the demonized anti-union governor to the darling of Wisconsin voters.  He is so popular that Wisconsin voters do not want him to run for the presidency by a 2 to 1 margin.  This is understandable.  In a recent survey about “whether Wisconsin’s budget is in better or worse shape than it was a few years ago, a strong plurality (49/20) said things are better off today.”  No wonder Democrats are worried about a Scott Walker run for the presidency.  He has a proven track record.


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