Venezuela Portend Of ObamaCare (Part 1)

I am a person who believes that Americans on average are either ignorant of the negative impact of ObamaCare or in denial of its consequences. There is a lot of information available about it from a variety of sources. It doesn’t take an economist, financial expert or college degree to envision what the law will do to the nation. It just takes common sense but as my father used to say, “A lot of people don’t have common sense.”

When a government tries to take over a particular market, it is on the road to a dictatorship. Venezuela has been on a socialist dictatorial path since Hugo Chavez became president. What has happened to their health care system is a portend of what could happen to the United States if we go for socialized medicine.

Under Chavez, Venezuela instituted free universal health care for all citizens. The government foots the bill and pays the medical providers. Sounds good but the system is seriously flawed.
According to an Associated Press report, there are patients dying from easily treatable illnesses. The reason is that hospitals have supply shortages and overused medical machines.

The supply situation is so serious that patients are told to bring their own supplies, if they can find them, to the hospital to be used for their care. Yet the hospitals are subsidized by the government which has mismanaged the health care system. The government run insurance agencies are four to six months behind in payments to hospitals. It is impossible for hospitals to meet their payroll obligations and purchase supplies as a result.

Medical devices are used so much that they are breaking down and not being fixed because of the lack of money. Even X-raying broken bones has been discontinued because it is NOT considered a medical emergency. Doctors only use the machines for the most series medical emergencies.

Dr. Jose Luis Lopez, director of the Municipal Blood Bank of Caracas told the Associated Press, “The health care crisis is an economic crisis. It is not a medical crisis.” Government control of the country’s health care system has created corruption and waste. Yet the government doesn’t know how to fix it despite the fact that it is a rich nation because of its oil.


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