ObamaCare’s Substandard Plans

People who lost their health insurance plans are being told they needed to lose them because they are substandard. The “Ten Essential” health care plan is now the new standard by which all future health care plans are to be measured. The “one plan fits all” standard forces people to have coverage for things they do not want or need. No longer can people choose the type of coverage they want, need and/or afford.

In reality, the ObamaCare plans are substandard. There are private insurance policies that cover as much as 80 to 100% of the cost of medical care. This percentage of coverage is only available in the gold and platinum ObamaCare plans. The gold plan covers 80% of the cost while the platinum covers 90% of the cost. Both have higher premiums as a result and higher deductibles.

The lowest cost bronze ObamaCare plan only covers 60% of the medical cost. A poor person who qualifies may get subsidies that indeed make their premiums affordable; however, they are responsible for the remaining 40% of a medical bill. This is what is overlooked when comparing plans.

Let’s say a person gets a bronze plan for $85 a month which amounts to $1020 for the year. They are in a car accident and suffer a broken leg. The ambulance taking them to the hospital charges $200 for the trip to the emergency room. There will be x-rays, medicine, bandages and a cast. The hospital bill comes to $3000. The total bill is $3200. ObamaCare pays the 60% which amounts to $1920. This leaves $1280 which the car accident patient must pay. So, not only does the ObamaCare accident patient pay $1020 for his/her insurance, he/she pays an additional $1280 to cover the 40% not covered by ObamaCare for a total of $2300. Not really a bargain!

My example keeps it simple but illustrates why the so-called superior ObamaCare plan for the poor is really an inferior plan. Plans are not just coverage but also cost. Medical costs can easily drain a person’s savings, if he/she has any savings, and push them into poverty. The 60/40 cost factor is often overlooked. This is why ObamaCare is poorly conceived and will devastate the very people it is suppose to help.


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