Obama’s Conspiracy Of Silence

The devious Affordable Care Act is a deliberate action by Obama and the Democrats. It creates a future situation where it is inevitable that the health insurance industry will become a government owned and operated system. No, you say! Well think about this!

The law specifies that all FUTURE new health care policies must contain the “Ten Essentials.” Private health insurance companies can no longer provide policies that consumers need, want and afford. It is a “one plan fits all” situation. This prices insurance out of reach of millions of people in the private sector because the government regulations make it far more expensive for individual consumers and companies. The advantage that the federal government has over private insurance companies is that they had an extra revenue source that private companies don’t have — taxes. If the government needs more money, they just raise taxes.

ObamaCare will have a long, destructive effect on the nation. Since ALL new insurance policies must have the “Ten Essentials,” consumers and companies are faced with a financial dilemma. Do they purchase insurance or pay the penalty tax in the future? Either way, the government collects money. For example, if a person doesn’t pay the penalty, the Internal Revenue Service is authorized to seize tax refunds to collect an unpaid penalty.

If people think they will keep their company sponsored plans, they need to think again. The HHS change to Section 1251 which narrowly interpreted the grandfathered clause does affect employer-sponsored health care plans.

Lisa Myers and Hanna Rappleye of NBC News (liberal station) found in the Federal Register information that confirmed that 50 to 75 percent of people in individual and employer-sponsored health care plans are likely to receive cancellation of their present insurance policies. This is why the employer mandate was put off for a year. It was a move by Obama and the Democrats to conceal the fact that they engaged in a conspiracy of silence to hide this fact. They lied and lied repeatedly.

Future insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles will be expensive in order to cover the “Ten Essentials.” It will drain money out of the pockets of the middle class. The Democrats are oblivious to the fact that when you reduce take home pay, you also reduce consumer spending which is needed to help the nation economically. They don’t care because they are hoping to create a socialistic nation where big government rules through dependency on the government.

Governments are never good managers of money. We face an expensive future where middle class wealth declines, the shrinking of the middle class continues, government waste expands, unemployment remains a problem and a ballooning debt creates a cycle of taxes and more taxes. God help us!

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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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