He Lied Repeatedly

The Washington Post, a liberal newspaper, awarded President Obama “Four Pinocchios.” The award was for the president constantly lying that the public would be able to keep their health insurance if they wanted to. At this point in time, at least a million and half people have lost their insurance so far. Experts perdict that the total may rise to 10 million people.

Now Democrats are in damage control mode. They are blaming the insurance companies for the cancellations. Frank Pallone of New Jersey is a good example of the hypocrisy of the Democrats. He claimed the insurance companies cancelled policies because people had lousy plans. They were scams.

Pallone’s statements make no sense. Cancelling health insurance plans only loses money for companies. Consumers select what type of coverage they need and want and can afford. The companies didn’t force them to buy insurance. Consumers willingly sign up with particular insurance companies to buy the plan they want.

In addition, Pallone’s statements contradicted what Secretary Sebelius admitted before a congressional committee today when she was confronted with the canard that it was the insurance companies own decision to cancel policies. Grandfathered policies had their grandfathered status removed when the law was revised within weeks of the passage of the law by the Democrats. Any change in the health insurance policy after 2010 would negate the policy and force the insurance companies to cancel the policy because it did not meet ObamaCare’s criteria.

This was driven home when a congressman confronted Secreatary Sebelius about that. He pointed out that according to the HHS revised rule, a simple change in a premium by as much as $5.00 could force an insurance company to cancel a policy. Sebelius started to deny it but was confronted with a document from the HHS Department. She then admitted it was true.

It is a sorry situation when a president lies to the American people and his political party tells more lies to deflect the blame. The Democrats are fast becoming a political party of deception. Their credibility is rapidly eroding.  The American people cannot trust them.  Too many lies!


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