ObamaCare’s Rising Costs

For the uninformed, ObamaCare is turning out to be a divisive and falsely marketed piece of legislation. It is divisive because labor unions are very distraught about the fact that it threatens their “Cadillac plans” of health insurance.

The latest casualty is the AFL-CIO which originally supported the Affordable Care Act. The union just lost 40,000 members of the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union. The Longshoreman President, Robert McEltroll, wrote this to the AFL-CIO leadership to partly explain why they withdrew their union from the AFL-CIO, “We feel the federation has done a great disservice to the labor movement and working people.” The Longshoremen supported a single payer plan while the AFL-CIO supported Obama’s plan which taxes the union’s “Cadillac Plans.”

The Longshoreman’s union was echoed in their complaint by the Nevada AFL-CIO chapter which also wrote a letter to President Obama. Their letter said ObamaCare is leading to the destruction of the 40 hour week, will produce higher taxes and make union plans more costly. Unions thought they were going to be exempted from the provisions of ObamaCare but were duped by the administration.

In addition, ObamaCare is falsely marketed because many people think they will get free health care insurance. Trial runs have shown a multitude of problems. In California the working poor have discovered they cannot afford ObamaCare because even with subsidies it is too expensive. The Georgia Commissioner of Insurance’s study found that those between the ages of 27 to 35 will have a 100% increase in their premiums while those between 36 and 55 will face a 50% increase in premiums. Etc., etc., etc.

Medicare and Medicaid recipients will also be surprised. Obama already took out $780 million from Medicare to help pay for ObamaCare. This creates shortfalls in funding for doctors and hospitals which is why doctors are starting to limit the number of Medicare and Medicaid patients they have. But the biggest surprise is yet to come because seniors will find that the government is phasing out Medicare Advantage and will reduce the number of plans available to them.

The Obama Administration continues to deny the costliness of the Affordable Care Act. When the law takes effect on January 1, 2014, the credibility of the Obama Administration will take a dive. Yet many liberals will continue to proclaim that this is the greatest law ever passed despite the facts. Denial seems to be a standard practice by this regime when the facts don’t match reality. It is standard operating procedure with them.

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