Negative Consequences of ObamaCare

A local school district has informed all substitute teachers that their hours will be limited to 29 hours per week in the future. This move was to limit paying for ObamaCare health insurance because of the provision of the law that defines full time employment as 30 hours or more. The district admitted it was a money saving decision based on the law.

The University of Virginia also announced they are removing spouses from the university’s health insurance policies. UVA administrators say they will save $7.2 million in cost as a result of this decision. Spouses will have to participate in the state’s health insurance exchange to get their health insurance.

UPS said it will also cut spouses from some of their worker’s health insurance policies. This will affect thousands of employees. Those spouses dropped from UPS’s health insurance will also have the option of going to the ObamaCare exchanges which are supposed to be in place by October, 2013.

All of these situations are a direct response to the ObamaCare mandates. The law has increased the number of part-time jobs and diminished full-time positions. Other businesses are sure to implement creating part-time jobs to reduce cost because contrary to what Obama said, medical costs are rising in response to the law so health insurance premiums must rise to pay the increased medical costs.

The new strategy for saving health insurance money is what UVA and UPS are doing – dropping spouses. This may ultimate morph into companies dropping dependents also from their health insurances policies. If this becomes reality, then the ObamaCare exchanges will face huge subsidies that will force the Affordable Care Act into a sea of red ink before 2020. The Congressional Budget Office has already predicted that ObamaCare will run into debt after 2020.

The red ink (revenues cannot cover expenses) will appear after Obama leaves office before the end of this decade. So you can be sure he and his fellow Democrats will blame George Bush and the Democrats for the unintended consequences of the law they passed without reading.


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