ObamaCare Prediction Becoming a Reality

Within New Jersey there is a development that threatens the future of ObamaCare. 57% of the doctors in the state will not accept new Medicaid patients according to a survey. Medicaid patients are supposed to have their doctors compensated thought ObamaCare funds. The problem is that ObamaCare compensation is too little according to doctors who were interviewed.

This development was something that was predicted years ago. Compensation for doctors was supposed to keep medical costs down while providing additional health care for 30 million extra people. It was predicted that this would cause rationing of health care.

The rationing prediction made sense at the time because there is a limited number of doctors in the United States. By requiring more people be covered through health insurance, the ratio of patients to doctors increases significantly. For example, if each doctor in the US had 3000 patients before ObamaCare, the law creates a situation where doctors would have perhaps 10,000 plus patients after ObamaCare.

The more patients a doctor has the more he/she must increase their support staff to handle the paper work required for each patient. This increases the cost of health care. There must be adequate compensation for a doctor to cover expenses. Since ObamaCare fails to provide enough compensation to cover the doctors’ expenses, doctors have decided they must limit their practice to a specific number of patients.

So the prediction is now a reality at least in New Jersey. The question now is will doctors in other states do the same thing.


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