Liberals Have A Self-Concept Problem

I have always been amazed at the liberal idea that the United States was not liked by other nations or people. The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that they were projecting their own inadequacies. The need to be liked demonstrates a poor self-image on the part of liberals. Think about it!

My youngest daughter has traveled all over the world due to her job. It was not unusual that somebody in another nation says to her, “You are an American?” She proudly answered, “Yes, I am. Why do you ask?” The response was normally, “You have so much confidence and a lovely, friendly smile.” She would then thank them for their kind remark.

Many of her co-workers are from foreign nations. Other than seeing family in the old country, they really don’t want to leave the United States.

If the United States was so bad, how do you explain foreigners clamoring to get into this dastardly nation which is not liked? Let me give an example. I live in a multi-national, racial neighborhood. One of the premier businesses is owned by a man born in Turkey. I asked him one time if he would ever move back to Turkey. He gave a resounding “No!” as his answer.

His story is an American success story. He only has a fourth grade education. He owned and lost several businesses. He finally purchased a bagel business from a man who wanted to retire. He brought over from Turkey other family members to help run the business. The bagels are true bagels, not rolls with holes in them. His prices are reasonable. His sandwiches are generous. His staff is friendly (family). He especially fusses over the children. He is a celebrity among the children as a result. They are opened 7 days a week from 6 AM to 5 PM. The business easily outsells its competitors.

The Turks are all Muslims; however, they serve ham sandwiches and lox with their bagels. All American holidays are celebrated including Christmas. The latter is not religiously oriented but centers on Santa Claus. He even plays Christmas carols during the holiday. He also has a menorah on display for his Jewish customers.

The owner told me he would never return to Turkey because America has given him an opportunity to thrive through his hard work. His children are very Americanize and in his estimation can go on to a college education which would not happen in Turkey. He does feel that many Americans don’t realize how good they have it. He finds it unbelievable that Americans below the poverty level often have cars and cell phones.

Although he only has a fourth grade education, he does understand the fundamentals of managing money. He thinks that those who claim that debt is good only say it is because it is not their money. Debt to him is a roadblock to success. In addition, he doesn’t understand why people are not worried about the future of the US because of the 17 trillion plus dollar debt we have looming. He understands that debt has consequences. He knows that when you print money like the Federal Reserve you will eventually have inflation. As he puts it, “I’ll have to raise my prices.” Yet what mystifies him is how the average American accepts a situation that will ultimately hit him in the pocketbook hard. He sees an economic crisis worst that the 2008 crisis coming but people don’t be concerned. As he puts it, “I’m preparing myself but they are not.”

He created his own success and not the government. Having the opportunity to have that success for his family is why he loves the USA. Yet his success came after several business failures; however, he learned from his failures and continued to work hard to achieve his present success. He admits that most Americans would never work the number of hours he puts into his business. This why in his estimation that those who depend upon government welfare will not escape to a better life.

Here is a man who has achieved success on his own and is living the American dream. His story should give the liberals something to think about. The US is a great place to live and it has nothing to do with being liked.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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