Yes, Closet Communists!

Senator Joseph McCarthy was right when he said that the federal government was infiltrated with Communists back in the 1950’s. He manufactured evidence to prove his point but what he didn’t know was that the FBI knew about Communist agents and their fellow travelers being in the federal government in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

99% of the American public is not aware that Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal government had a host of Communist agents in key departments influencing US policies. The information came to light in 1995 when it was revealed that the US intercepted Moscow’s messages to its agents in the U.S. The code breaking effort was given the title of “Verona.” The revelations in the “Verona” intercepts were substantiated through defectors such as Oleg Gordievsky, Oleg Kalugin, Victor Kravchenko and Alexander Vassiliev and American Soviet agents such as Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley. The disclosures demonstrated that Soviet agents were planted in various federal government departments and the White House. The decrypted agent messages were not made public until the 1990’s because it would have alerted the Communist that they needed to change their codes to escape detection.

The evidence left no doubt that Alger Hiss was one of many Communist agents in a pro-Red spy network. Other agents included (The list is too long to include everybody identified.) Harry White (Treasury Department), Laurence Duggan (State Department), Stanley Graze (War Department) and Lauchlin Currie (White House). But the most influential agent was FDR’s personal advisor Harry Hopkins. He even lived in the White House for three years which gave him unusually close access to FDR. We now know that Hopkins influenced FDR’s appeasement of the Russians at the various World War II conferences. In addition, Army Air Corps Major George Jordan in 1949 testified before a Congressional committee that US documents related to the development of the atomic bomb were shipped under the guise of Lend-Lease scientific papers to the USSR in 1944. They were cleared for shipping by none other than Harry Hopkins.

Fast forward to the present!

Lenin said, “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” This is what is happening under the Democratic leadership today. We are approaching 17 trillion dollars of debt that will have future consequences for this nation. The forcible redistribution of wealth, class warfare and maximizing control of the nation’s economy by the federal government are all subversive Communistic goals. These are the same goals of the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration which is why they are “closet Communists.”

Communism did not die when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989. Instead, it went underground. One thing made clear by the “Verona” intercepts was that not all of the Communist agents were identified. Communists prey on the credulity of government officials who are ignorant of their methods. Disinformation is one of the key components used by them.  As Lenin said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Conforming to Lenin’s statement about a lie is ObamaCare. Obama said premiums would not rise under the Affordable Care Act and you can keep your present insurance if you wanted. Only gullible and naïve people accepted that rhetoric. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing because of all the regulations and government control of the process. Like other Democrat sponsored entitlements, it is sending the nation deeper into debt and debauching our currency besides building a central bureaucracy through bigger government.

Thomas Newberry’s book, “The War on Success,” cites how the Democrats have fallen victim to socialistic/communistic goals. According to Karl Marx, there will be a transition from capitalism to socialism and the final stage of socialism is communism. It begins with a crisis producing fear. A charismatic socialist spokesperson giving promises of hope and change. A compliant press acting as propagandist for the spokesperson. The charismatic spokesperson denigrating timeless principles, ignoring historic facts and using class warfare to achieve power. Once in office, the charismatic leader imposes greater and greater control over the economy through regulations under the guise of advancing social justice. Sounds familiar!

Ronald Reagan tried to warn the American people when he quoted Norman Thomas, Socialist Party leader. Thomas said decades ago, “The American people would never vote for socialism. But…under the name of ‘liberalism’ the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.” Today that seems to be coming true. The American people need to wake up and realize what the economist Thomas Sowell said, “Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.”



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