Closet Communists????

It may sound like a conspiracy theory but when you look at history and policies, the Democrats share Communist aspirations. A basic tenet of Marxist theory is class warfare. The rich are the bad guys who the Communist called the bourgeoisie. The term actually refers to the middle class. The bourgeoisie were merchants, craftsmen and other groups responsible for production of goods and services. To Karl Marx, they were the oppressors of the wage earners, the proletariat, who supplied the labor for the production of the goods and services. At the appropriate time, the proletariat would revolt and seize control of a nation and redistribute its wealth to form a classless society according to Marx.

The progressive, liberal Democrats have tried to achieve the “redistribution of wealth” since the early 20th century. The federal income tax was originally perceived to be a way of achieving the redistribution of wealth. Instead, it has become a slush fund for spending the nation into debt besides creating an oppressive bureaucracy used against political opponents. (ie. Tea Parties and other Conservative groups)

The minimum wage was also supposed to redistribute wealth. For decades the Democrats have raised the minimum wage at the state level without any appreciable impact on the working poor. Like the income tax, it spawned a bureaucracy of big government. (See my blog entitled “The Marxist Who Became A Conservative”)

Finally, ObamaCare is another attempt to redistribute wealth. So far the implications are that it will become another entitlement plunging the nation into a deep financial hole. It will become famous in the annals of history as the law the Democrats passed without reading it, without input from Republicans (so much for transparency and compromise), and voted into law exclusively by the Democrats. And most shocking of all are the words of Pelosi “… we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.”

Time has shown that ObamaCare will not benefit the very people it is designed to help. The nation’s proletariat, labor unions, have come out against it last week. In a letter to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, labor leaders have expressed deep concerns that the law “will destroy the very health and wellbeing” of America’s working class. Interestingly they cite the same concerns Conservatives had with the law. Many employers are cutting working hours and hiring part-time workers because of the high cost of ObamaCare; furthermore, union workers are covered by group insurance plans so they are not eligible for the “individual insurance exchanges” that offer subsidies. Yet union workers must still pay the ObamaCare tax to pay for those consumers who lack health insurance. So they pay into their own health care insurance through union dues and will now have to pay extra for those who are eligible for the “individual insurance exchanges.” Duh, conservatives have been saying this all along.

The Communist and Democrats share the same great slogans and propaganda about leveling society; however, neither has ever delivered on their promises to create a more equitable society. They have built bulging bureaucracies, centralized government and chipped away at individual freedom.  This is why Democrats are closet Communists.  They want the subordination of the individual to government dictates.  This is exactly what the Communist did in Eastern Europe.  Those who think the Democrat idea of big government is the answer to our problems is blind to history.  They need to talk to those who lived and suffered under Communissm to understand that it doesn’t work for people’s benefit.  It is merely a system to retain power for government officials.



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