Blood Bath Inflicted By Muslims

To date, the UN estimates that 93,000 people have been killed in Syria. It is a Muslim civil war between Sunnis and Shiites.

The Syrian civil war provides ample proof that the chief killer of Muslims is other Muslims. Iraqi Shiites are flooding across the Syrian border to fight on the side of the Assad Government. They are being joined by the Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists. This influx of fighters has strengthened the Assad regime and resulted in mass casualties among the insurgents who are supported by al-Qaida.

Today, June 12th, the Egyptian government announced it would not punish any Egyptians who leave the nation to fight in Syria. Egypt is a Sunni dominated nation. Most Muslims are Sunni. So the announcement represents an escalation of the war in Syria. Egyptian Sunnis consider the Shiites to be heretics so you can be sure the Egyptians will fight alongside the insurgents against the Assad government and its Shiite supporters.

With radical fanatics on both sides, the Obama Administration needs to stay out of the conflict. The hatred between Sunnis and Shiites is centuries old and has never diminished.

This is why I find those fanatics who claim that the United States is responsible for Muslim dying in Afghanistan and Iraq are ignorant. Hasan Nidal, the Fort Hood murderer, is a good example. Any claim like Nidal’s that he was protecting Muslims from being killed by US military forces are groundless. Muslims murdering Muslims is the chief cause of violent death in Muslim nations. It was US forces that kept Shiites from killing Sunnis and vice versa in Iraq. Once US forces left the country, the killings between the two groups started again. The fighting in Syria is a continuation of the Sunnis-Shiite conflict in Iraq.

Mr. President, stay out of the Syria quagmire, let the Muslims learn the truth about who is the greatest mass murderer of Muslims, other Muslims.

Read my blog, “Hasan’s Illogical Defense.”


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