Islamic Murders Continue

Today a soldier was butchered by Islamic terrorists who invoked “Allah.” One of the assassins said, “I killed him because he killed Muslims and I am fed up with people killing Muslims in Afghanistan. They have nothing to do there.'” What did he think the Taliban has been doing in that nation?

The Taliban has bloody hands. It has been killing Afghans who are Muslims;furthermore, the Taliban gave refuge to the al-Qaeda forces who slaughtered innocent people in the bombing of the Twin Towers. By providing a sanctuary for al-Qaeda, the Taliban was supporting terrorism.

A reading of the news each week brings out stories of Muslims killing Mulims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan but this is ignored. There is a cult of denial by the deranged terrorists. They refuse to admit that their religious beliefs fosters a war of Muslims against Muslims. This is one of the reasons why many Muslims flee North Africa and the Middle East. It is to escape the violence of Muslims, not the soldiers of western nations.

Where do they move but the very nations that are fighting the terrorists. The western cultural nations give them what they cannot get in their homelands. They have the freedom to worship as they please whether they are Sunnis or Shiites. They have freedom of speech to voice their opinion without fear of persecution. They have a higher living standard which makes them healthier. They can get an education which is superior to what they would receive in their native countries. They have the opportunity to improve their station in life. Etc….

What is causing resentment against Muslims around the world is that the majority don’t voice any outrage. By not speaking out forcefully and loudly, they appear to agree with the radicals. Why?

Muslims who live in the US or Western Europe have a choice. They can recognize that the main killer of Muslims around the world are other Muslims and not soldiers fighting terrorists or they can migrate back to the nations they came from and enjoy being a Muslim in a Muslim nation. If the Muslim world is so great, why do they continue to migrate to the western nations?


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