What will history say?

As a retired history professor, I wonder what history will say about the Obama Administration. Here are examples of what may or may not be taken into consideration in evaluating his presidency.

He said he would cut the debt in half. Instead, he more than doubled it.

He formed various Congressional committees to examine and make recommendations to cut the debt and deficit. Instead, he ignored and never implemented any of the recommendations.

He formed a Jobs Council and put a GE executive, Jeffrey Immelt, in charge of the council. The council was to stimulate job growth and see about bringing jobs back to the US from overseas. Instead, Jeffrey Immelt sent an entire GE Division to China thus giving jobs to Chinese workers not US workers. Moreover, the council never did anything to promote and stimulate American job growth. In addition, the council was to report every quarter on their progress and prior to disbanding never produced the legally required report for the last six quarters. This was a violation of the law.

Obama has never submitted a budget for five years that was acceptable even to the democratically controlled Senate. This is a new record for a president.

ObamaCare was the law that Nancy Pelosi infamously said had to be passed to find out what is in it. (How insane is that!) It is so complex and filled with so many taxes that it may eclipse both Medicare and Medicaid as a drain on the economy.

The Obama Administration has blasted the Republicans for the sequester mess but the whole idea for the “sequester” came from the White House. After denying it, they finally admitted they were responsible for the idea when presented with evidence. Blaming the Republicans is a typical ploy of Obama. His blame game is getting tired and the only people who believe in it are the ignorant or those just in denial. The House Republicans have submitted three bills to the Senate to prevent the sequestered budget cuts but Harry Reid will not bring them to the floor for a discussion or a vote.

Obama has proclaimed, “He leads from behind.” That is an oxymoron! His very statement demonstrates that he lacks leadership skills. He is supposed to be brilliant but he doesn’t like to be challenged by the press or anybody on his policies. Unfortunately, the media has accommodated him in this regard.

He equally proclaims to have the most transparent presidency. Yet he rare meets with the press to answer tough questions. Even his signature piece of legislation, ObamaCare, was done behind closed doors and without Republican input.

Finally, Obama talks about the recovery from the recession. This is the longest recovery in history. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board, it is the worst recovery EVER in American History. The US recovered from the severest depression in the 19th century in less time without an income tax. So why can’t Obama get the US out of a less severe financial crisis?

I truly wonder if historians will give Obama a “pass” in evaluating his place in history. Will they praise him and rank him highly when he has failed the American people in so many ways?


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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