Obama Responsible For Sequestration Along With Congress

Sequestration in simple terms is money (appropriations) withheld from government departments and agencies by the Treasury Department. Why? The Obama Administration has not given Congress a practical budget for three straight years. Every time Obama submitted a budget to Congress, it was rejected unanimously by Senate Democrats and Republicans as unrealistic. This is what Obama wanted because it forced the members of Congress to create their own budget. It was a political strategy by Obama to make Congress and the Republicans the fall guys for the state of the economy and excessive spending; however, Obama had to sign into law the sequestration agreement which made him part of the problem despite his rhetoric.

The sequestration budget plan requires automatic budget cuts if Congress cannot agree on a new budget by the deadline. Social Security and other entitlement programs are exempted from the cuts. The Defense Department will have significant cuts to its budget which was a debate item last night.

The Democratic strategy is to force the Republicans to raise the spending caps by casting the Republicans as the evil party responsible for forcing the nation over the so-called “fiscal cliff.” It also is designed to defeat Republican efforts to curb the excessive spending of the Obama Administration and achieve a balanced budget. Harry Reid and the Democrats, by not compromising with the Republicans, allow Obama to continue to spend trillions of dollars, increase the debt and widen the deficit.

Obama, as usual, denies he is the culprit for the Congressional excessive spending; however, he is guilty because he signed the agreement into law. He could have vetoed the agreement but did not because he wants to push the Republicans to the wall and force them to allow him to spend more money over and above what is held by the Treasury. This is what the American electorate doesn’t understand.

This is just another incident where Obama denies doing anything wrong. He has created a culture of denial and blaming everybody else for all of the ills of the nation. People have short memories and forget that Obama created a host of commissions to achieve economic reform and rejected all of their recommendations, especially the Bowles-Simpson Commission to cut the debt. He “leads from behind” by design.


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