Clintons, Black Hawk Down and Murder of Ambassador Stevens

Today, October 16th, Secretary of State announced that she takes full responsibility for the tragedy in Libya. This comes after weeks of denying it was a terrorist attack. Testimony before Congress showed there were a series of incidents (attacks and bombings) which provided advanced warning and the need for additional military assets to protect Ambassador Stevens. But many are still in denial about the culpability of the Obama Administration’s failure to provide protection. One is “drugsandotherthings.”

“drugsandotherthings” posed this question to me last week: “3rd- care to provide ANY evidence Bill Clinton knew of the request, or denial thereof for armored vehicles in Somalia? Or any evidnece to contradict Aspins statements that said request had been couched in terms of support for deliveering humanitarian aid- and not for defencse of troops?”

First, I never said that Bill Clinton personally knew of the request for additional military assets as requested by Generals Montgomery and Powell. I used the term Clinton Administration. There is a difference.

Second, all presidents are given an intelligence briefing in which requests from on-going operations are included; therefore, Montgomery and Powell’s request would have been brought to the attention of the president. It is standard procedure.

Third, there is an abundant amount of evidence pertaining to the Black Hawk Down incident and why it was a scandal. Here are just a few of the sources of evidence:
• “Battle of Mogadishu”: School of Advanced Military Studies, War College
• Policy Review No. 101, Hoover Institute
• Washington Post: African Disaster
• Philadelphia Inquirer: Black Hawk Down Tragedy
• PBS Frontline
• “Anatomy of a Disaster,” Time Magazine


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