Black Hawk Down & Steven’s Assassination: The Connection

People are generally aware of the movie and book, Black Hawk Down. The circumstances have some connection with the Obama Administration’s decisions for the security of Ambassador Stevens in Libya.

What most people don’t know is that Major General Thomas Montgomery and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had requested armor equipment for the US troops operating against the Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. They had also wanted to keep the potent AC-130 fixed-wing gunship for operations but were refused by the Clinton Administration.

Pakistan had troops in Mogadishu backed up by armor forces including tanks as part of the UN peace keeping mission. It was Pakistani armor forces that went into the city to rescue the American forces because of the failure of the Clinton Administration to provide the necessary armor units deemed vital to the success of the mission. The failure and high casualties of the Black Hawk mission resulted in Secretary of Defense Les Aspin resigning his position.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department refused to provide the additional security requested by Ambassador Stevens. Intelligence officials called before Congress testified there were a series of attacks and bombings for months before the tragic murder of Ambassador Stevens. Stevens made repeated requests for help because he only had four guards to protect him. Four guards don’t constitute much of a security detail in a nation where al-Qaida was operating. She of all people knew about the criticism heaped upon the Clinton Administration for failing to provide additional armor to US forces in Mogadishu yet as the Secretary of State. Yet she refused to grant the ambassador’s repeated requests for military assets.

In both cases, a Clinton was involved in tragic incidents resulting in deaths of Americans. Both incidents took place in Africa and both involved requests for additional protect which were denied. Politics in both cases became more important than the lives of Americans.


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