If You Tell A Big Enough Lie….

Nazis propaganda was predicated upon the simple principle, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it often, people will believe it.” This propaganda approach is the Chicago political method used by the Obama Administration.

Fact Check, a non-partisan information source, recently looked at an anti-Romney ad put out by the Democrats about Romney’s economic record as the Massachusetts governor. Fact Check examined it and found that it was filled with misleading and false information. Here is what Fact Check published about the propaganda ad:

•The ad claims job creation in Massachusetts “fell” to 47th place under Romney. Actually, Massachusetts was 50th in job creation before he became governor. Romney moved the state to 28th position in his final year and it was improving, not declining, when he left office.
•The ad claims he “cut taxes for millionaires.” The truth is Romney opposed a plan to impose a capital gains tax retroactively. He insisted on delaying the hike eight months which is different than pushing for a tax cut.
•The ad faults Romney for raising taxes on the middle class which is false. The truth is he proposed cutting the state income tax three times for every Massachusetts citizen but the state’s Democratic legislature rejected all tax cuts.
•The ad claims Romney “left the state $2.6 billion deeper in debt.” The $2.6 billion was for long-term bond debt used for capital improvements. Capital improvement refers to large assets such as buildings that need upgrading. If you check, your local school district might have a long-term bond debt also for schools or the upgrading of schools. What the ad fails to mention is that Romney wasn’t piling up yearly deficits the way the Obama Administration is because Massachusetts requires balanced budgets. There has been no balancing of budgets under Obama.
•The ad claims that Massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs under Romney. What the ad neglects to mention is that Massachusetts was losing jobs at twice the national average even before Romney was governor and twice the national average after he left office. The governors before and after him were Democrats. During his tenure as governor, his administration actually slowed the job loss rate
•The ad claims Romney “outsourced call center jobs to India.” Not true! He vetoed a measure that would have prevented the state from doing business with a state contractor that was locating state customer-service calls in India. His veto had support from the state’s leading newspapers because it saved taxpayers money. The Democratic controlled state legislature could have overridden his veto, but didn’t because of popular support for Romney’s veto.

This anti-Romney ad is a good example why taxpayers must check all political ads to determine what is true or not true. The Obama Administration has been constantly criticized for its propaganda style ads that bend the truth for political gain. This is nothing new for Obama.

So beware of what you hear and see coming out of this Democratic administration! Don’t accept things on face value.


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Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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