Successful Businesses Needed By All Levels of Government

In my previous post, I wrote about how the success of Apple Corporation was because it was a privately financed business venture that generated tons of money for the State of California. Another aspect is that it also created thousands of jobs.

The personal computer revolution was a series of privately financed business ventures that we all take for granted today. Think of how this revolution spawned new technology that has become part of every business and household today. The new technology in turn spawned even more jobs.

A successful business that expands and gets larger is a job machine. Just think of the companies that supply the parts and materials for a computer. Metal, plastic, copper, gold, silicon, etc. are mined to produce computer boxes, keyboards, wires, screens, and so forth. Then there are the company work forces that design, market, sell, repair and even scrap computers. Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Somehow Obama and the Democrats are claiming governments are responsible if a business succeeds which is a bogus argument. Take Detroit as an example, they built a railroad around the city with federal funds (infrastructure project) to provide a speedy means to transport people throughout the city; however, it is in a sea of red ink because large and small businesses have moved out of the city. Too few people use it to make it a profitable venture because they don’t have businesses producing jobs so they have no need to use the public transportation. In this case and others, the Kevin Costner idea of “If you build it, they will come” is a government hoax.

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