Do Liberals Really Want To Pay Higher Taxes?

The hue and cry from the liberal Democrats in Washington is higher taxes are needed. Well do they practice what they preach?

I have asked liberal friends if they feel higher taxes are needed. Sure they respond. The money is needed to finance government programs especially in these hard economic times.

I then ask them if they are willing to pay higher taxes. They always respond they are willing to make the sacrifice to help others. Nice sentiment!

Eventually I ask them after some more conversation if they paid their taxes in April. Yes! What did you use for deductions? They rattle off a list of deductions they used. So you used the long form rather than the short form I enquire. Yes, they reply. Why? I point out that if they truly believed in paying more in taxes to help others then they would have used the short form and not the long form.  No deductions!

Here is where I have a problem with liberals. What they say and what they do are two different things. They give lip service to paying higher taxes but in reality they are like the rest of us and don’t like to pay more in taxes either.


About camden41

Retired public school administrator Retired history professor: Taught Western Civilization, American Civil War, United States History, Economic History, Ancient & Medieval Foundations, American History Since 1945
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