Home Solar Energy Not Worth It

We have a neighbor who is a former salesperson for a solar energy company. She commented that it takes 17 years to get back the money a person invests in solar panels for their home. This includes the subsidy given by the federal government.
This was actually part of her sales pitch as she tried to market the advantages of having solar energy. My wife told her that we are not sure we will be living in our house 17 years from now to realize the savings. I said who will buy our house with those solar panels on the roof. There was no reply.
Actually I like the idea of solar energy but its time has not come. We live in an area where every winter and spring brings high winds. Debris flies around and I’ve wondered what would happen if a tree branch hits the solar panels. Will the company that installed the panels still be in business?
My skepticism is because our area did have a solar panel company. It had been in existence for a number of years; however, I recently drove by the factory and noticed the company has gone out of business. With solar companies disappearing, will home solar panels be a dinosaur in the future?


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