Only the 1% Wealthy Can Afford Electric Cars (Part 3)

Since taken office, Obama has paid lip service to not being dependent on foreign oil. His policies demonstrate that his idea for achieving this goal is to substitute “green energy” such as solar and wind for oil. We are already dependent upon oil.
Let’s take cars as our example! Batteries have limited storage capacity. The battery capacity to store a charge for a long time is limited. This is the problem with all electric cars. Can you imagine pulling into a station and asking for a “full charge?” You could be waiting hours for the charge to be completed.
Okay, you go for a hybrid. You still have to charge the batteries and it is not a five minute charge. I have a battery charger for my standard car battery and it takes hours. Do you think people want to spend hours charging batteries?
Then there is the problem of where to charge up a car on vacation. How many gas stations have a place where you can charge up your car?
Finally, electric cars are not new. Electric cars were invented back in the second decade of the 20th century. The reason for these early electric cars being invented was that women could not easily crank up the engines on the gas powered cars. Women could also drive at safe, slow speeds in the cars because they did not have power steering. The electric cars disappeared because the car companies installed electric starters. Women just had to push a button rather than turn a crack.
There was criticism of the Bush Administration bailout banks but it doesn’t compare to the millions being poured down the drain subsidizing electric cars. The only people who can buy the cars are the 1% wealthy who Obama constantly attacks. The Karma sports car is $100,000 and the Volt is $40,000. To sweeten the purchasing of the car, the government now is offering a $10,000 tax credit, up from $7,500 to any of the 1% who buy the car.
It doesn’t make sense except to the naïve and stupid.


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