Obama’s “Karma” Not Good (Part two)

On February 7, 2012, it was announced that the Fisker Automotive Company was running behind schedule in manufacturing the $100,000 new electric sports car, the “Karma.” The car has safety problems with its battery pack so the company must redesign the car. Remember, GM’s Volt also had safety problems with its battery pack.
To conserve money, the company laid off 26 workers and cut 40 contractors (which means more unemployed people). Because of the problems with the car, the company wants to renegotiate the $529 million government loan from the Department of Energy. Yikes, more wasted money.
Yep, the company was a recipient of over a half a billion dollars in taxpayer’s money via a government grant. Fisker claimed it was going to create 2, 495 jobs in the State of Delaware. So far, it hasn’t even started production and was behind schedule.
If Democrats are at war with the top 1 percent, why was the Department of Energy financing an expensive sports car? For that matter, why was the government investing in the Volt which costs around $40,000? If you wonder why the US debt and deficit keeps growing, here are two prime examples.


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