Both Trump and Brown Are Correct About California Fires

Both President Trump and Governor Brown of California are correct. Brown’s claim that it is climate change that is responsible for the dry climate in California is true; however, climate change has been going on for tens of thousands of years. There are numerous books on how earth’s climate has shifted and changed since the earth was formed. Scientist report that the Sahara Desert was once grassy savannah land; moreover, they know that glaciers descended as far south as lower New York State’s southern border at one time. In addition, there have been “warm spells” and “cold Spells” that have lasted for decades and centuries.

California has experienced extremely dry spells and droughts for years. This has imposed very dangerous conditions that have created forest fires over the years.  Forest fires are have devastated the state for a number of years.

Fires burn more when fed by dead trees and vegetation. California’s environmental laws forbid the scrapping of the dry vegetation. This was what Trump was referring to in his tweet.  Dry rotting vegetation is considered nature’s furnace.

Moreover, President Trump referenced the water runoff into San Francisco Bay. He stopped his criticism short but should have explained why this is an environmental and political decision with consequences.

Months ago there was a report that Brown and the Democrats voted to fund a high speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This was the second high speed rail line funded by the state.  There is one being built between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Both projects have cost overruns.  The LA to San Francisco project has already gobbled up twice the original cost estimated and may exceed $94 billion dollars before completion.  The cost overrun equally applies to the Los Vegas rail line.

Critics have pointed out that both projects were gifts to the labor unions which have supported the California Democrats. So they were political in nature and not in the interest of California residents. Both projects are driving the state into astronomical debt.  This robs the state of building projects that could benefit the public like water reservoirs to retain water from rain and melting snow. Years ago the reservoirs were seen as a necessity to help the state with their scarce water.

Contrary to what the politicians say, the state doesn’t have abundant water.  Liberal publications like the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Sacramento Bee publicized Brown’s state water restriction rules.  People must ration their water usage again this year.

It was the liberal presses that reported water runoffs flowing to the San Francisco Bay. President Trump referenced their stories about water escaping into San Francisco Bay.  He just didn’t explain how and why rain and melted snow is lost due to the Democrats preferring union constructed railroads over water reservoirs.

It is a perfect example of politicians wants versus peoples’ needs. Liberal California is sinking into a massive debt situation and each year the Democrats dig the debt trench deeper and deeper. The liberal Democrats have created problems that are robbing the state of revenue.  Here are examples:

  • California has 25% of the nation’s homeless.
  • Housing prices make it unaffordable to own a home.
  • Taxes are among the highest in the nation.
  • Illegal immigrants are a major source of welfare.
  • New strains of diseases have appeared.
  • Small businesses are fleeing the state.
  • Wage earners are flooding out of the state to low tax states.
  • Unemployment rate is over 10%.
  • Crime is rising in the sanctuary cities.
  • Roads and bridges are decaying.
  • Income, gas and sales taxes are ticking up.
  • Forest fires are feeding on the forest tinder.

The California Democrats have created a Venezuela scenario in the state. Their quest for far left ideas has put the state on a path of self destruction. Rather than build what the state needs the Democrats are doubling down with their lavish spending. Their refusal to face reality by embracing a far left liberal ideology is turning the golden state into a burned out waste land. In the meantime, the state unfortunately continues to burn.

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Far Left Has Become the Lawless Violent Left

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Spotting a Liberal

Spotting a Liberal

I know a number of people who are liberals.  They have the same mind set so it is easy to characterize them. Here are observations about their beliefs.

  • They complain about high taxes but every election vote in the politicians who raise their taxes.
  • They sympathize with illegal aliens including MS-13 criminal gangs.
  • They believe everybody should have a free college education without realizing they will pay for it by having their taxes go up.
  • They describe legal citizens who are conservatives and/or Republicans as “racists,” “Nazis,” and “fascists” but call illegal aliens “Dreamers”.
  • They love to call people racists who disagree with Obama’s policies.
  • They want the Constitution rewritten but have never read the Constitution.
  • They demand stricter gun control laws to prevent murders but fail to admit no matter how strict the laws are criminals and murderers don’t obey them.
  • They preach tolerance but are extremely intolerant especially if you disagree with their point of view or politics.
  • They frequently get their news from comedians on TV.
  • They read the headlines of the news but not the details which limits their knowledge about issues.
  • They love bumper stickers because they are easier to understand than a detailed article.
  • They expressed their feelings on issues but disdain facts especially if the facts are counter to their view point.
  • They don’t mind if Democrats expand the nation’s debt like Obama’s doubling of the national debt but gripe when Republicans do it.
  • They despise the exhibition of the American flag but are quite willing to raise the flags of foreign nations.
  • They advocate taxing the rich to give to the poor without realizing the rich already pay most of the taxes now.
  • They love to spend other peoples’ money for a variety of social projects without investigating if the money is well spent and achieves its purpose.
  • They want to confiscate all guns and claim it is worth it even if it saves one life but refuse to concede that we can also save many lives by deporting illegal alien criminals.
  • They assert that our flag and culture offend many people around the world but cannot explain why millions clamor to get into our nation through legal and illegal means.
  • They seek socialized medicine but fail to realize the rich in socialist nations come to the United States for treatment.
  • They crave abortions but neglect the fact that they are alive because their mother’s didn’t have abortions.
  • They scream they want birth control but don’t use it and then cry they want abortions.
  • They want open borders for illegal aliens who are given free food, free lodging, free schooling, free health care and free housing but Americans must pay for all of these things.
  • They think you can erase poverty by throwing more money at projects for the poor but miss the fact that history demonstrates it only increase poverty.
  • They welcome illegal aliens who take jobs away from the poorer people in American society.
  • They feel a need to aid the illegal aliens but will not open their homes and their wallets to succor the aliens.
  • They demand non-citizens be allowed to vote in American elections but don’t know that foreign nations don’t allow Americans to vote in their elections.
  • They think their ancestors entered the United States without restrictions but they are ignorant that many of their ancestors could have been deported if they had diseases, radical politics or criminal pasts.
  • They pursue the elimination of ICE without realizing their goal would increase crime in the United States.
  • They think it was alright when the Democrats passed ObamaCare without reading it, discussing it or voting on it through the normal procedures of Congress.
  • They desire an ideal world yet fail to acknowledge it is an impossible dream that doesn’t conform to reality.
  • They want to right past wrongs yet don’t see that you cannot return to the past.
  • They believe in socialism without acknowledging its failures around the world especially in Venezuela.
  • They are susceptible to idealist solutions that sound good but are not attainable.
  • They are easy offended by words they don’t agree with yet advocate free speech.
  • They talk about equality which is not completely possible because somebody always has to be on top especially politicians.
  • They are uneducated about history so they tend to follow those who offer unrealistic  solutions.
  • They rant and rave about the rich but seek to become rich by buying lottery tickets.
  • They move out of high tax Democrat states to low tax Republican states but continue to vote for high tax Democrats.
  • They want political correctness yet use hateful words against those with opposing views.
  • They accuse President Trump of hate but talk about murdering him.
  • They champion the rights of transgender people which are a fraction of the population and want the majority to accept them into ladies bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • They opt to kill babies but spare murderers from the death penalty.
  • They prefer Obama’s limp economy over President Trump’s fast growing economy.
  • They thirst for socialism but cannot define it or are knowledgeable about its failed history.
  • They are hypocrites because they often don’t practice what they preach.
  • They want diversity except in the classroom.

I can go on and on. These few things can suffice. My father taught me to use common sense. Common sense is what I find lacking in liberals and that is why I changed my views.

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What The Liberal Media and Liberals Ignore About Aliens

Judicial Watch using the Freedom of Information Act obtained discriminating documents about Obama’s Administration handling of “Unaccompanied Alien Children”. Despite the outcry of the leftists in the United States, President Trump did not establish the policy of separating alien children from their parents. It was a law enacted prior to his taking office; however, once it came to his attention, he issued an executive order to connect children with their parents. Yet the leftists continue with their protest against the President who is reuniting families rather than protesting the policy of Obama who separated families. It is an organized campaign by the ignorant to smear President Trump because his policies are succeeding and making the nation prosperous.  Obama was unable to lift the nation out of a long recession do to his far left policies.

What Judicial Watch discovered in its investigation is shocking. The documents revealed that the Obama Administration granted entrance into the United States admitted rapist, drug smugglers, murderers, prostitutes and human  traffickers. The key word in the previous sentence is “admitted”.

A number of unaccompanied alien children were MS-13 gang members according to the documents. So rather than defend American citizens from criminals, the Obama Administration allowed criminals to enter our nation.  The administration policies were aiding and abetting criminals.

According to border police, 90% of juveniles entering the United States are not accompanied b y  their parent. This is equally ignored by the liberal media and liberals.

The documents reported many women were raped by human traffickers. It was a common story to be repeatedly raped and molested.

Drug running was another element in the reports. Admitted drug dealers were given the green light to enter the United States. Their activity was not a hindrance to their being passed through our borders.

In their efforts to help these aliens there was documented evidence that sponsors of some of these alien children lied to authorities. They provided false information to the border patrol agents. Border patrol agents stated this was common problem.

The list of abuse of our national security goes on and on. Judicial Watch investigators were stunned by the public safety nightmare. The documents showed a clear disregard for protecting our nation from “admitted” criminals. Moreover, the Obama Administration suppressed this information and the liberal media has colluded with his administration by not bringing the evidence to light.

By protesting against President Trump they keep the focus off of the mess handed to him by Obama. It is a smoke screen. Remember it was the Obama Administration’s Justice Department that allowed automatic rifles to slip into the hands of the drug cartels under Attorney General Eric Holder. One of these weapons was the murder weapon of a border patrol officer.

Obama sustained a policy, supported by liberals, that enabled alien criminals to enter the United States. The documents  expose that his administration was not concerned with the safety and well-being of Americans .There wasn’t even a whimper from the Democrats when he separated families; however, they are desperate for an issue for the 2018 elections. This has become their issue.

Liberals and Democrats have created an issue they conceived but refuse to admit they originated. By refusing to admit they are responsible for the crisis, they have engaged the weak-minded in an issue by appealing to their sympathies. Their preferred tactic is to smear President Trump by claiming they are morally superior. They care. It is sanctimonious hypocrisy. The facts validate they are more concerned about the criminal aliens than law abiding Americans. They are making the nation more dangerous with their pious attitude and unfortunately Americans are paying the price.


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She Is A Hypocrite

Hillary Clinton’s words and actions will always haunt her. Benghazi will never be forgotten.

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12 Russians

Last week’s indictment of 12 Russians for meddling in our elections is meaningless. None of them reside here so they cannot be arrested and prosecuted.  It is an empty gesture designed to demonstrate that the FBI has a case. But it is meaningless.

Mueller has spent two years investigating a case that should have been investigated under the Obama Administration. Obama’s only action about Russian interference in our election was to tell Putin, “Cut it out!”  His weak response demonstrated he wasn’t interested in doing anything except to voice his fake anger.

We constantly hear that the Russians interfered in our election but there are no details. What exactly did they do? Rosenstein admitted whatever the Russians did didn’t change the voting counts.  So what did the Russians do?

Rosenstein did announce in his report that no Americans were involved. So why is Mueller going after Manafort and Stone? Why do liberals keep accusing Trump’s campaign of collusion when Rosenstein announced no Americans were involved? The only answer is that they need a campaign issue. Trump has created a booming economy which the Democrats belittle. When Obama was in office his limp economy was okay with them. So why are they against prosperity?

Putin must be laughing at the ineptitude of the FBI. Years after his regime got involved in our election process in unknown ways our government finally produced an indictment.

What should have been investigated was the total disregard for security by Hillary Clinton, her minions and the Democrat Nation Committee after they were warned about being hacked.  Instead of an investigation of her duplicity, she was exonerated before there was an investigation. Yes, before there was an investigation Comey exonerated her with the help of Peter Strzok.

Liberals applauded it. They ignored the fact that it was widely published that tens of thousands of e-mails were deleted and hard drives were smashed by Hillary’s campaign staff members. If she did nothing wrong why destroy her electronic communications?

In addition, why did her campaign place a spy in the Trump Administration?  Why wasn’t that investigated?

The Clintons have been involved in a host of scandals.  Yet people admire them.  Why?

Anyway the indictment may look good to the ignorant but in fact it has no significance. You cannot prosecute who you cannot arrest and we have no obvious authority in Russia. So it is useless.

PS Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff had been warned by the FBI that the Russians were trying to hack their communications; however, they ignored the warning.

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Millions of Women Will Die

The title of this blog is the strident hysterical delusion cry from the women protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Roe vs Wade will be overturned and millions of women will die they scream. The only ones who will die are innocent children whose mother’s elect death over life. Every year children in the womb are killed. It is in the name of abortion.

Those supporting abortion claim it is their right to privacy. Yet there is no privacy clause or mention of privacy in the Constitution.

They cry it is their right. But it is not a right.  It is a moral choice they make.  Sometimes they kill a baby because the father impregnate them and then said they didn’t want children.  So to please the father they kill the baby.

Some just don’t want the responsibility of raising a child.  So they kill the baby.

Some wail they cannot support having a child to feed and clothe.  So they kill the baby.

What they refused to admit is their culpability in getting pregnant in the first place. In this day and age when birth control drugs along with morning after drugs are readily available and inexpensive, in some cases free, they refuse to use them. Instead, they get pregnant and then make the decision to kill the child to satisfy their own carnal lust.

I know of a young girl who got pregnant at college.  Even though the father didn’t want the child she decided to have the baby.  She is forever grateful she made that choice.  The boy has grown up and is a source of pride and love to his mother. He is aware he was an unwanted pregnancy. His story is one out of millions.

My wife was also an unwanted child.  She is conscious of the fact that she lives today because her mother selected not to terminate her pregnancy.

Do any of these abortion supporters wonder if they would be alive today if their mothers rejected life and chose an abortion?  I doubt it. Do they take precautions to prevent pregnancies?  I doubt it.

It is not the women who die but the darling boys or girls they elect to execute. If you read about how they do abortions they you will understand why it is an execution.

They are equally ignorant about the law. To overturn Roe vs Wade, there must be a case brought before the Supreme Court. The process requires that the case proceed through the lower courts at the state or federal levels. Even if it rises to the U.S. Supreme Court there is no guarantee the court will accept the case. It is not a sure thing.

So their cries of anguish are more politics that reality.

At what point does the unborn child have any rights. The Declaration of Independence which started this nation declared   “That all men …are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life….”  Life is a right not abortions.

Someday there may be a challenge to Roe vs Wade.  Article V of the Constitution in part states “No person shall be…deprived of life… without due process of law….” Although the clause involved criminals, the wording leaves it open to another interpretation.

Finally, how many abortion freaks considered that their very existence  today is because their mothers chose life for them? IF you are reading this, would you exist?

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