The Art of Trump’s North Korean Deal

If you believe the liberal media, Trump doesn’t know anything about diplomacy. He couldn’t be trusted to deal with a tyrant like Kim Jong Un they said.  Yet President Trump came away with at least an agreement to denuclearize North Korea.  So the liberal’s words lack substance.

What they fail to realize is that diplomacy is all about making deals. It doesn’t matter if the deal involves trade, war or other matters. If you know history you realize that deals depend upon time and circumstance.

Trump surprised me with his deal. He got eye ball to eye ball to Kim.  He refused to appease Kim like Obama, Bush and Clinton. Obama failed in diplomacy because he didn’t understand how to make a deal. He was an appeaser. Trump’s victory makes him look like a school boy.

Trump is no fool. He and Kim made the agreement but the details still need to be worked out between the sides. Trump will not cut sanctions until there is proof that Kim upholds his end of the bargain. He still can cancel the agreement if Kim reneges on it. His negotiating from a position of strength was correct despite what the liberal media says. He put Kim in a position where he must demonstrate true intentions before the sanctions are gradually lifted.

What most Americans don’t know and liberals in particular is that President Trump negotiated an agreement and not a treaty. He specifically focused on what was most important which was denuclearization.

Later there may be an agreement to end the Korean War. The Korean War ended in an armistice which is just a cease fire.  World War I ended the same way. There were months of negotiation before a formal treaty ended World War I.  President Wilson signed the treaty but the Constitution requires that the United States Senate must approve all treaties. Despite the fact that Wilson signed the Versailles Treaty, the United States Senate did NOT approve the treaty. Years later the United States signed and approved a peace treaty that was passed by the Senate.

The reason for the Senate approving war treaties is that only Congress  (both houses) can officially declare war. Congress did declare war on the Prussian Empire and its allies in World War I.  So as an official war, the Senate exercised its Constitutional requirement by passing judgment on the Versailles Treaty.

The Korean War did not have an official declaration of war passed by Congress. Democratic President Truman sent American troops into Korean to stop a North Korean invasion of South Korea. Truman called it a “police action”. This is important because it was Republican President Eisenhower’s administration that signed the armistice.

What does this mean?

In future negotiations Trump may get an agreement ending the armistice and agreeing to peace terms. If this happens, President Trump does NOT need Senate approval because it was an undeclared war. It is in a sense what they call in history a “gentlemen’s agreement”.  It would probably require a reduction of military forces on the Korean peninsula by both sides. American troops have been part of South Korea’s defense 1953.  This will lessen tensions and create a new peaceful scenario for East Asia.

President Trump and Kim Jong Un have opened the door for changing history. We need to wait to see how far the door will be opened.  It is to Kim’s advantage to scrape his nuclear program and build his nation’s economy. President Trump will not appease him. He will wait and watch like a good diplomat and make sure Kim upholds his end of the bargain. History has shown that North Korean promises are often empty words. Appeasers gave in to Kim’s father and grandfather with bribes. President Trump is a differed president, he means what he says and says what he means.

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New Jersey’s Liberal Mess

Tyler Durden who writes for Zero Hedge has very informative columns.  “New Jersey Prepares To Raise Taxes On ‘Almost Everything’ As It Nears Financial Disaster” is one of his most informative columns. It clearly states how the newly elected far left governor, Phillip Murphy, is driving the state into a financial disaster.

As he aptly points out New Jersey is the worst state with pension contributions. Its public pension fund is woefully underfunded. This is not new but is a continuing saga demonstrating how politicians will do anything to get elected. In the past it was both Democrats and Republicans who created the mess. But Democratic Governor Murphy is prepared to expand the problem with his proposals that will increase taxes substantially.

Duren wrote “…and as Bloomberg reports, New Jersey’s fiscal situation is so dire that new Governor Phil Murphy has proposed taxing online-room booking, ride-sharing, marijuana, e-cigarettes and Internet transactions along with raising taxes on millionaires and retail sales to fund a record $37.4 billion budget”.  As usual, the idea is to tax the wealthiest. The problems is that New Jersey is already one of the most costly states to live in. Property taxes are among the highest in the nation.

“His solution? Socialist wealth redistribution: ‘A millionaire’s tax is the right thing to do –- and now is the time to do it.’ A better way of putting it … New Jersey’s budget ‘would raise taxes on almost everything.’”

New Jersey along with Illinois, California, Oregon, and other liberal states is facing an exodus of tax payers who can no longer afford the high living cost and taxes. As they flee, the number of taxpayers dwindles and their money goes with them.  Even the Democrat boss of New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney learned this lesson. The consequence is another round of tax increases to make up for the lost revenue.

Murphy wants to legalize recreational marijuana. There is considerable opposition to his idea especially by the poorer classes. They see it as a pathway to “outlawed substances” that will impact the younger generation. Murphy doesn’t care.  He needs money.

Desperate for money, Murphy and the Democrats have signed back into law the ObamaCare individual health mandate for New Jersey residents. This tax falls on 78% of New Jersey households. This burden doesn’t fall on the wealthy but on the middle class and poor. The 78% applies to people making less than $50,000. 38% make less than $25,000. These are significant statistics.

As with the original ObamaCare mandate,  it doesn’t matter if you want the health insurance or not.  You will either purchase health insurance with all of the things you don’t want or pay a penalty tax.

Many New Jersey tax payers will get a shock next April 15th. They will have additional taxes they don’t expect.

New Jersey voters deserve the increase taxation. They are so committed to the Democrat liberal ideals that they continue to vote in a majority of Democrats who spend and tax. They gripe and complain about the cost of living and the taxes but never change their voting habits. Those who can move out to Republican low tax states.  Yet they continue to vote Democrat. They personify Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. To paraphrase him, they want change (Lower taxes) but every election vote in Democrats who continue to spend and tax. They are like the three monkeys who are deaf, dumb and blind.


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Smart Diplomacy

Liberals slammed President Trump when he started negotiations with North Korea and they slammed him when he cancelled the negotiations. To use an old saying, “He was dammed if he did and dammed if he didn’t.”

His recent move to step back from negotiating with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was smart diplomacy.  He demonstrated that he was in charge and not Kim.  He was negotiating from a position of strength. He was not an appeaser like Obama and Clinton. Either certain conditions were going to prevail or as he was walking away. And he did walk away.

Kim, like his grandfather and father, tried to use propaganda to blackmail the world through fear. President Trump was not playing that game like his predecessors. Over the decades, the North Korean dictators blustered and made threats. Western leaders talked tough but always gave in to North Korean demands. Food, fuel and money were given to sustain and appease the dictators.  Not President Trump. He says what he means and he means what he says.

Kim is learning that President Trump is indeed a man of his word. There must be substantial steps forward or President Trump will squeeze North Korea through strangling sanctions. North Korea is like Venezuela, it is stagnating under a brutal dictatorship. Its economy is in tatters, people are fleeing, starvation is the norm and it is sinking into an abyss of debt.  It depends on handouts.

President Trump called off the pre-negotiations in Singapore because the North Koreans did not show up to set the stage for negotiations. In addition, their propaganda machine made threats against the United States. President Trump did not flinch nor go begging to the North Koreans. He was ready to act with our allies. He demonstrated his determination by NOT calling off the military maneuvers in South Korea despite the protest of North Korea.

Kim is learning that President Trump is a different leader. He leads. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t lead from behind. As a result, the North Koreas have asked for a renewal of talks to establish the conditions for negotiations. President Trump won but is leery of the North Koreans.

If he can achieve the negotiations, President Trump expects verifiable proof that North Korea dismantles their nuclear program. Sanctions will remain in place until they prove to his satisfaction that North Korea is in compliance. Otherwise, he will squeeze North Korea with more sanctions like an anaconda.

It actually is in Kim’s interest to save his regime if he complies. If he doesn’t Japan is talking about becoming another nuclear power to counter North Korea. North Korea definitely doesn’t want another nearby nuclear power.

It is a no-win situation for Kim. President Trump will not give in and appease Kim. If negotiations take place and they are successful, you can expect that Kim will have to dismantle his nuclear and missile programs. Trump will give very little away. He has already demonstrated that Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were novices when it came to negotiations. President Trump will make them look like elementary school children. This is one of the reasons they hate President Trump.

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He Means What He Says

The world has come to know that President Trump doesn’t mince words. He says what he means to do and his actions demonstrate that his words are action statements.

He pulled out of the flawed Iran nuclear deal as he promised. Now he is implementing his plan to deal with Iran.  A glimpse into his strategy was given this morning, May 19th, by Secretary of State Pompeo. The Trump Administration has advanced 12 uncompromising conditions for a new nuclear deal with Iran.

The demands for a new deal include but are not limited to the following:

  • “full and public accounting” of its nuclear research
  • complete access to all nuclear sites including military facilities at any time for UN inspectors
  • shutting down its ballistic missile program
  • release of all US prisoners held without charges or trials
  • ending support for Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad
  • full withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria
  • Iran must demonstrate a “sustained shift” in behavior as a pre-condition for negotiations

“We will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime. The leaders in Tehran will have no doubt about our seriousness…The sting of sanctions will be painful if the regime doesn’t change… these will indeed end up being the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete….We cannot continue to create wealth for Qasem Soleimani,” said Pompeo, referring to the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force. “Everyone’s going to have to participate in this.”

The nations and businesses around the world know that President Trump doesn’t use empty phrases but is a man of action. Fearing they will feel his wrath through the proposed sanctions, they have started to withdraw from doing business with Iran.

Corporations ceasing business in Iran include A.P. Moller-Maesk, Total SA, Siemens, MSC and Allianz.  These are major corporations. Maesk is the largest container shipping company in the world. Total SA is a French energy company. Siemens is a German conglomerate. MSC is a Swiss based shipping company which is the second largest shipper in the world. And Allianz is a German insurance company.

They are probably the vanguard of a business withdraw from Iran that will significantly hurt Iran. Iran cannot exist withouut consequences in a vacuum.

These corporations know they will suffer when President Trump puts his strangling sanctions into effect.  They want to avoid the crippling consequences of Trump’s sanctions.  It is a testament to President Trump’s reputation. He has not put his plan into action yet but just the knowledge that his sanctions will come soon is enough. His words have power.

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Liberal Academics

I know quite a few people who proudly consider themselves as liberals. I was one once; however, reality caught up with me and my views changed as liberalism changed.

Liberalism has moved to the far left of socialism/communism. Some surveys highlight the fact that many liberal liberals consider communism to be benign. Chief among those who hold this view are academics. Academics are people who work in education.  Professors are a good example.

Their socialist/communist perspective lacks hard facts.  I had professors who lived under communism and fled to avoid arrest and imprisonment.  Socialism/communism doesn’t believe in free speech. Instead the government demands adherence to a strict code of pro-government propaganda. Diverse and divergent view points are not tolerated.

It is very hard to fire academics also.  Teachers’ unions have put up a wall to dismiss them no matter how poorly they perform. As a result they are sheltered from reality. They deal with ideas and not the trials and tribulations of the work world.

They are idealistic. They consider themselves to be morally superior to others.  This has led to white professors claiming that being white was a mental health issue. Although they are white they are the exception.  They bend over backwards to assist minorities to advance in the world.  Diversity is their battle cry.

In the Hoover Digest (Winter 2018 No.1) Harvey C. Mansfield was interviewed about his experience as the sole conservative professor in ultra-liberal Harvard University.  Mansfield mentioned he was a former New Deal liberal who became a conservative in the 1950s.

“Harvard students expect to get the same grades they got in high school….In my time…you started getting C’s and B-minuses…because you were in competition with people who were also getting all A’s in high school.” He went on to explain how today Harvard gives three grades B-plus, A-minus and A.

This grade inflation was due to lower academic standards. The reason for the decline was partly affirmative action.  In the name of diversity professors wanted minorities to be a success. “So a professor wasn’t going to give a black student a C, he couldn’t give them to white students either.  So that’s how I think the C’s disappeared.” He wasn’t slamming diversity but the failure to give grades based on achievement.

He went on to state that “the curriculum is a mess. If you look at a typical Harvard transcript, you see courses all over the place. Often on small subjects or policy questions, instead of meat and potatoes: history, economic, philosophy…easy courses for athletes and prep school kids.”

The watering down of the curriculum is typical of the liberal colleges and universities. They have become propaganda platforms rather than Socratic learning institutions where different ideas are freely discussed.

Today if you want a good grade from the propaganda university mills you mustn’t question but accept the views of the teachers/professors. Rather than robust discussions about the subject, students must listen to political rants which diverge from the subject. Teachers/professors use their podiums to indoctrinate rather than to teach. Students are prisoners who must endure. It is the new brain-washing of the far left.

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In Search Of A Crime

Watching Special Prosecutor Mueller is like watching a failed coach seeking his first win. After a year investigating the so called Russian collusion, the case has gone off the rails.  This was made clear when Federal Judge T.S. Ellis accused Mueller of “lying” about his investigation. The judge saw it as a political maneuver to get President Trump. Judge Ellis is the presiding judge in the case filed against Paul Manifort.

The judge questioned the scope of Mueller’s investigation. He insisted that he be give an unredacted memo allegedly written by Rod Rosenstein  which Congressional Republicans equally sought.  So far neither the judge nor the members of Congress have been give the memo. As each day slips by and no memo is delivered it looks like the judge agrees with President Trump that Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt”.

Mueller’s investigation goes back many years before the 2016 election. It goes back before Donald Trump considered running for the Presidency. It extents back to when Paul Manafort was a consultant for a Ukrainian bank.  When he found out about the consulting Trump fired Manafort from having anything to do with his campaign. (For those of you who don’t follow world events Russia invaded parts of the Ukraine and they are still fighting.)

The judge is suspicious that the indictment extents back to the days when Mueller was the FBI Director and previously investigated  Manafort. At that time the case went nowhere.  In short, the indictment is based on a previous Manafort indictment written during the Bush and Obama Administrations. The same timeline applies to the Stormy Daniels allegations.

The Stormy Daniels affair is a smear campaign. If you read enough about the Clintons you know this is a standard practice. Remember Hillary Clinton as a lawyer smeared a young rape victim to get her client off. Any women who claimed or filed charges against Bill Clinton’s rapes were equally smeared. It is standard operating procedure for them.

I know of cases where it was cheaper to simply pay off somebody making false claims then to go to court. In my case it was a fired male teacher who was fired for incompetency.  Rather than fight it out in court, the school board paid him $10,000 to go away.

There are people who sue major companies because they claim they found a bugs in their sandwiches. They sue for millions.  Did they plant the bugs in the sandwiches to create a case?  In a few cases the companies were able to prove this was the case. But the companies find it cheaper to just pay the people a few thousand dollars and settle out of court.

I also know a local politician who according to his wife has notes slipped into his pocket by women looking for sex. The notes have a telephone number and a little message asking him to call. Other politician’s wives have made the same claim.

Stormy Daniels claimed the liaison took place a decade before Donald Trump ran and won the Presidency. She was paid to go away and signed a legal document that she would not disclose her claim.  Normal! So the Trump lawyers are now suing her for breach of contract.

Her timing is suspicious. Why bring this up now? Is it that everybody predicted that Hillary Clinton would be elected president? Why did she wait until after Trump won?  Where did she get the money to launch the case? Who is paying her?

As stated before, celebrities often pay people off rather than go through the courts because it is the cheaper solution. Remember it has already been verified that the Clintons colluded against Bernie Sanders. Hillary was given the questions by Donna Brazille before she debated Trump so she could have an advantage. And most important there is the Democratic Nation Committee’s payment for the “Steele Dossier” which has been discredited.

Only the naive and gullible would accept these stories about Trump.  But let’s face it, there are naïve and gullible people who pass themselves off as tolerant and kind people except when it comes to conservatives.

AS Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

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Unlike mealy mouth Obama President Trump demonstrated with his ordering the strikes against Syrian chemical facilities that he says what he means and means what he says. His order demonstrated the utter uselessness of the United Nations in enforcing the international law banning the use of chemical weapons.

Chemical weapons were used abundantly in World War I.  The Germans used them to try to win the war. By the end of the war they produced 50,000 tons.

The chemicals were of various types.  There were blister gases, nerve gases, lung irritants, and irritant smokes. The blister gases caused severe burns if they came into contact with exposed skin. Nerve gases caused death, blindness or parasis. Those who experienced being gassed found it to be a horrifying eperience.

In the 1920’s the use of toxic gasses was outlawed BY international treaty; however, it didn’t cease the practice.  There was limited use up to the present time. One attack was the use of sarin gas by a Japanese cult years ago in the Tokyo subway system.  It killed a host of people.

The left is in a frenzy  because unlike Obama who drew a line in the sand and backed down when it was ignored Trump acted decisively. The protests against Trump’s quick action is just another far left demonstration to bring Trump down.

Under the Constitution Trump is the commander-in-chief and can authorize military action he deems appropriate. Contrary to Democrats complaining that Preisdent Trump should have consulted Congress, they never complained when Obama sent American troops into a foreign nation to kill a terrorist – Osama bin Laden.  Secrecy was needed for the latter but secrecy was also needed for the attack on the gas facilities.

There is a positive side to Trump’s order. First, Assad killed and injured his own people especially women and children. Second, he used chemical agents banned by international law. Liberals ignore this fact. Third, Assad was attacking fellow Muslims. He is Shia and they are Sunni.  Sunnis realize that Assad is a pawn of Shia Iran which finances terrorism around the world.   Most Muslims are Sunnis.  This strengthens US ties with Sunni populations like Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morrocco, etc. Fourth, Trump verified his pledge to Sunnis that he stood with them against the terrorism of Iran.His attack demonstrated he was as good as his word.  Fifth, he provided a warning to Russia that unlike Obama he will not be pushed around. Sixth, the Putin sponsored involvement in Syria is unpopular in Russia. This is why Putin has established a security force to protect his regime. Trump’s action along with his sanctions is hurting Russia’s economy and their military. Seventh, Trump has made a mockery of the UN. He exhibited why it is an organization with little or no power to influence world affairs, maintain peace, and prevent conflicts. The UN should have stopped Assad’s use of chemical weapons long ago.

Just like the League of Nations failed in its quest secure peace in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the United Nations has continually failed in its quest since the end of World War II in 1945. Both the League of Nations and the United Nations were ideas of Democrat presidents. Both presidents built into the organizations flaws that doomed the oraganizations to be expensive failures. For instance, Russia can veto any action by the Security Council with a single veto.

Presidents are rated in history by what they achieve or don’t achieve.  Presidents who act decisively are highly regarded by historians. This raid will rate a high grade by historians. Trump demonstrated real leadership. Unlike Obama who “led from behind” Trump led from the front by making his words meaningful and clear.

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